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Unique advantages of our assistant

In order to cover all tasks of your employees, your software cannot specialize in individual workflows. Unclear forms and cumbersome handling for each individual employee are usually the result. aiConomix is an assistance software that integrates seamlessly into your existing system and offers intelligent support for each individual workflow. The assistant can be extended with many skills that are tailored to your company.


Learns the automation of processes independently and continuously. If a process changes, for example, due to new legal requirements, the assistant adapts independently.



Perfectly tailored support for each employee - optimal even for complex or undocumented processes. 100% professionally driven and applicable in the most diverse areas of your company.



Only acts with the user's consent and integrates into the existing user interface. Transparent, conforming to expectations and suitable for safety critical areas.


Process Mining & Artificial Intelligence

aiConomix supports with helpful actions without the employee having to model the workflows. We achieve this with a unique hyper-automation approach, for which we work together with the world's leading research group in this field.

Process Mining & Artificial Intelligence

Minimally invasive through RPA

aiConomix falls into the RPA category and was designed to work seamlessly with any application. No adjustments to your existing system are necessary. This minimizes the risk and massively saves costs when improving your processes.

Minimally invasive through RPA

Our Team

A young and highly motivated team with over 33 years of experience in software engineering

Alexander Schwabauer, CTO
M.Sc. Environ. Engineering RWTH
web application • Frontend • Data Science

Previously, he worked as an independent IT expert and developed user interfaces that are used by more than 1,000,000 active users. Not only designs front-ends, but is also a recognized expert for the technologies behind them and for usability.

Denis Golovin, CEO
M.Sc. Computer Science RWTH
AI • Data safety • Backend

More than 5 years of experience in the development and analysis of artificial intelligence and most recently as project manager and IT consultant at BSI. Before that, independent IT expert for process automation in numerous projects.

Eric Marre, CPO
M.Sc. Computer Science RWTH
AI • architecture • Backend

He automated processes for the first time in a large bank 10 years ago and most recently worked as lead software engineer and IT architect at Capgemini. He is driven by innovative and solution-oriented software and the entrepreneurial success of his clients.

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Skyrocket workforce productivity through Hybrid Intelligence


The time and energy of information workers is wasted when software is used, that does not sufficiently support them during their work. This phenomenon is called digital friction and occurs in almost every company. The reason for this situation is that no software vendor is able to perfectly foresee the customers exact workflows, nor is the vendor able to adjust the software in an economically feasible way for all usability flaws. In fact, these friction causing usability flaws are spread throughout the processes and a detection, analysis and fix of them cannot be performed manually by expensive IT experts in an economical way. This situation seems even more hopeless considering, that the processes and digital friction areas are moving targets and have to be handled continuously over time.

This is where Hybrid Intelligence helps to remove digital friction and increase workforce productivity by detecting the problem areas and offering solutions automatically. This is possible by coupling the Hybrid Intelligence agent tightly to the information worker, learn the workflows using business process data in real time and finally generating solutions for each spot of digital friction. This novel approach allows to continuously learn and improve the Hybrid Intelligence agent’s ability to support the individual user. The combination of an empathetic, creative human with common sense and an efficient, precise and consistent machine intelligence merges the advantages of both worlds to unlock the next level in business productivity.

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